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Blockchain Solution Engineer

Experienced Full Stack Developer with 9+ years experience in Blockchain Engineering, Frontend, Backend and DevOps.

Passionate for solving challenging problems and building things that make a difference. Worked in various roles across different stages of developing products and services. Involved in project ideation, system design, implementation and deployments of scalable solutions.

Authored two books in Gujarati “The Last Year” & “Engineer Girl”, “The Last Year” has been the Best Seller eBook (Fiction) in Gujarat.

Traveller, Person who like to read anything from astro physics to philosophy.


Node.Js 100%
Solidity 90%
Ethereum 95%
JavaScript 100%
Vue.js 95%
PHP 90%
Aws 70%
Docker 70%
DigitalOcean 85%
Laravel 80%


Blockchain Developement


Crypto Enthusiast


Open Source

Software Engineering


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Tech Lead : Blockchain Speciality

Simform Solutions   •   Dec 2021 - Present

  • Managed and guided blockchain team, built highly secure decentralized blockchain solutions in Defi and NFT Space. Helped multiple blockchain startup, architected robust and scalable blockchain soltuions.

Principal Software Engineer

Infex Biztech Pvt Ltd   •   Mar 2019 - Dec 2021

  • Led team that designed and implemented the entire product with focus on code quality, extensibility, scalability and service reliability. Understanding project requirements and communicating with clients & various stakeholders to ensure timely
  • execution of projects. Managed more than 35 deployments & continuous development of financially critical systems.

Professional Experience

Full-Stack Software Developer

Infex Biztech Pvt Ltd   •   Oct 2017 - Feb 2019

  • As a part of founding team, built from scratch, deployed and maintained the platform, considering high traffic nature of the public facing service. Also led the development of various internal systems such as analytics, service management and social media automation capabilities.

DevOps Engineer

Infex Biztech Pvt Ltd   •   Jan 2015 - Sep 2017

  • Deployed, Monitored & Managed 150+ linux servers for B2B Clients of various sizes. Implemented systems for automated batch video processing and media streaming.

Software Engineer

Infex Biztech Pvt Ltd   •   May 2013 - Dec 2014

  • Built Leads & Communication management system that helps collaborators & various stakeholders of the organization in a short, high-demand timeframe.


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